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Why Quality Management Matters

Why do you need Quality Management? Don't you already know how your property operates? How sustainable it is? How guests react to it? You're on top of your daily teams, you're checking guest satisfaction reviews and constantly collecting data, right? As a host, for better or worse, you're communicating with guests on a daily basis. If you aren't, they are going to let you (and the world) know about it through various social media outlets. Without Quality Management, these are things you have to deal with on a consistent basis. How do you stay on top of all of this, especially with a small team? That's where we come in...

Review analysis

In general, only keeping tabs on guest reviews, social media rants and direct guest feedback is like listening to a room full of people yelling at the same time. They may have some great points to make, but it just ends up being one loud noise and you completely miss the actual opinions being given.

Most of the time, guests who fill out reviews and give feedback, are ones that had a particularly positive, or insanely negative experience. These types of reviews are certainly beneficial as you can address direct guest issues, solve future problems, and/or congratulate your staff on another successful guest experience. However, are you getting accurate responses and portrayals of your property from your everyday guests?

An unbiased 3rd party point of view can provide honest, objective feedback to cover all aspects of your property, and then some. You could have operational challenges to address, you may need to adapt to new competitive situations, or maybe you have a new product or service you would like to offer and want to estimate the impact.

An audit from Rumsey Group provides all the feedback and support you need to streamline the decision making process while making sure your brand promise matches the quality of your operation.

Who to trust

So, who do you turn to for this type of work? Your own self audit is biased because your property is your baby. You should not rely on 2nd party audits (think Airbnb Plus or other marketplaces) because the results could influence the property owners usage of that marketplace, and the results are given from a supplier that stands to benefit from making sure that you continue to use their platform. This leaves 3rd parties; a truly unbiased independent audit that has nothing to do with the customer-client relationship. With no conflict of interest, we are able to conduct audits and provide data analytics to assist you in making the best decisions for your property to remain successful.

If analyzing a ton of data is not your cup of tea, no problem! At Rumsey Group, we do not just dump a bunch of data on you, we partner with you to determine what actions are best suited to reach your result, and help you execute on those items. In addition to our comprehensive audits, we offer consulting services to make your journey even easier. We bring value to our clients by conducting recurring inspections that bring measurable results over time after establishing an initial baseline of your property.

The "clean your room" syndrome

Super confused now? We get it... how about a real-life example?

Think back to when you were a kid, and you wanted to get something, lets say it was spending the night at a friend's house. To earn that, oftentimes you had to do a chore of some sort. Now, once this chore was complete, who checked to make sure your room was actually clean? It wasn't you (1st party auditor) nor was it your friend (2nd party auditor) because you both stood to benefit from that room being clean. Inevitably, it was an unbiased 3rd party, your parent. What you thought was clean (bed made/clothes put away/floor vacuumed) was far from it after inspection (things hidden under the bed /clothes thrown behind unopened closet doors/vacuumed around things still on the floor). The actual answer was that your room was not clean; it was just clean enough to meet your own personal standards, not the potential standards of those that expect a much higher degree of a "clean room".

The clean room is your property; you likely have checklists and controls in place, but you need someone to make sure those checklists and controls are being followed. Are the controls defined? Are the controls applied? Do the controls work? Are the controls sustainable? These are just a few scenarios quality auditing can help answer.

Auditing is a two handed approach - on one hand, we have the things we are supposed to do (clean your room) and on the other, are the things we're really doing (hiding what makes the room look dirty); auditing compares the two and provides hard evidence of what is actually happening. Auditing services can bring supreme value to your property, combat risk, and help you achieve your overall objectives.

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